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Private equity: with you at every stage of the deal cycle

The asset class for investments in public and non-public companies or physical assets is one of our key specialities. Most of the deals we advise on a result in either a majority or substantial minority ownership stake in a company with huge potential. Our dedicated team is an expert in those investments that are much less liquid and require a longer investment period. We are with clients during every step of the deal cycle and most of the investors we work with stay with our experiences with us.

Our objectives

Depending on your preferred investment or fund size and investment strategy, Rodschinson Investment’s team of experts guides many players that seek to exit their investments after 3 to 5 years in order to generate a multiple on invested capital of 2.0-4.0x and an internal rate of return of around 20-30%, and often even higher. In order to amplify your returns, our ROD Private Equity team often works with private equity firms to raise a significant amount of debt in order to purchase appealing assets we jointly identify to minimize initial equity requirement. If the debt is not the preferred route, our team of experts would be delighted to tell you about an endless list of alternatives, such as participating preferred stock, multiple liquidation preference, warrants, options or full ratchets, to name a few considerations.


When we team up with a private equity firm our team of specialists first clarifies, prepares and sets out the client’s preferred strategy. There are multiple approaches we usually consider and work out in detail. Firstly, venture capital investments in start-ups and relatively new entities with huge potential, but a modest history of profitability. The prime reason here is to identify and swell companies that have the potential to fill a gap in the market or snoop up a large market share in an unlocked corner of the industry it is operating in. Our dedicated, global specialists always tie the deal structure to the nature of the investment, the wishes and needs of the clients and the aim and purpose of the equity injection. We welcome you to get in touch and find out more about how we could help you to maximize your investment.

Our growth capital expertise

Many of our clients are not keen on start-ups as they show an interest in mature companies with a long track record of profitability and appealing returns. The growth capital strategy we set out with them is aimed at expanding or restructuring the existing, established business by scrutinizing their operational model, including costs, staffing, mission, use of technology and market or clients it serves. Many of these investments lead to minority stakes and our team is highly experienced in maximizing the inflow of equity in that business. Many of our modestly sized clients prefer this strategy as it usually requires a smaller investment than an outright acquisition. 

Mezzanine financing

This alternative to growth capital injections consists of both equity and debt, as the targeted company takes on debt capital that provides the lender the option to turn its investment into (part) ownership or equity interests in the firm it teams up with. For example,if the loan is not repaid under the timeline that was agreed, our team of experts can advise on the actions to take and the opportunities this may create. Rod Private Equity advises clients on mezzanine financing projects by analyzing and valuing the target company’s product, service, track record and reputation, as well as its place in the industry. It then designs a realistic easy-to-execute implementation proposal.

Leveraged buyout approach

A large chunk of our clients has set their sights on real estate investments, it is one of the fields we serve best. Investing in appealing property assets is a key mission for many private equity investors; whether it be in the booming logistics space, residential, the relatively new asset classes of micro-living or student accommodation or even the struggling retail sector. Our team of experts is highly experienced in advising firms on the core, core-plus, value-added and opportunistic investments, assesses the level of risk, develops a comprehensive return strategy and considers market factors such as location, demand, supply and regulation. Closely related to real estate is an asset under management investment strategy: in fact, property investments are among the highest AUM.

Deal structure

When discussing and preparing an investment, our team is quick and efficient when it comes to putting the deal together. Structuring the transaction is a key component of what we do and there are different ways to go about this. A route via common stock, and convertible preferred stock, is a highly common method in which a company is invested. What we do is structure the deal post-negotiations, identify the key stages and provide an easy-to-follow overview, including an anti-dilution clause, which will provide the investor with a degree of protection against capital dilution if issues arise later, for example, a lower stock price than the investor originally agreed to or has paid.

Alternative approaches

In addition to the options mentioned above, there are alternatives and other strategies that our team advises on, such as a fund of funds investment consideration. This allows private equity firms to diversify and has the advantage it offers investors the ability to border their risks by pouring capital in multiple fund strategies. Clients opting for this approach are often bigger market players, as funds of funds are usually a relatively expensive undertaking as this involves multiple layers of fees, such as management fees, a performance fee at individual vehicle level and fees set out at fund of funds level.

Debt as the basis for your transaction

As discussed above, a number of our highly trained experts are true leaders in considering debt as the basis for any transaction. This is often the preferred choice for our clients who have been operational for many years and have an impressive profitability record. Naturally, our advisory work includes convertible debt: funding carried out via convertible debt allows the investor to alter it at their option into a stake in the company, usually common stock.

Get in touch

Since the Private Equity space is one of the most exciting investment ecosystems within private equity, and our team represents dozens of investors, developers, and other committed players, we would be thrilled to tell you more about our investment strategies and client proposals.

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